The brief

BBE was briefed with the task to conceptualise a digital solution for parents and caregivers with kids under the age of five supporting the Thrive by Five mission and proposition with Afghanistan being the first market to launch.


Project milestones

Frame the problem and explore opportunities, competitor analysis, qualitative and quantitative research and finally design a working prototype
in 4 weeks.


Leverage on what already exists

Gamification, physical learning tools, tracking rewards, goal setting and online education systems were some of the territories explored

competitor analysis

UX research and analysis

Starts with activities designed to extract unbiased information and insights to fill the gap in understanding the user environment
(who, what, where & how).

One on one deep-dive interviews and online short answer surveys were carried out by the team in Afghanistan and the results were distilled into key design principles that governed the final solution.

1. Keep it simple.
2Embed  the experience within daily living and routine tasks as much as possible
3. Personalisation, “for people like us”
Skills aren’t developed in isolation but in integration
5. Parents need to feel guided and free to explore rather than feel judged
6. Use patterns they are already familiar with.

UX research

Concepting and ideation

A re-worked vision statement, UX findings and competitor analysis reviews were presented to the client.
Out of this workshop, 2 primary concepts emerged.

A highly collaborative journey

collaborative process

A new inspiring parenting app infused with the latest science and expertise, transformed into a personalised guide for parents and carers that delivers a step-by-step custom program of activities, facts and tips delivered daily to their phone.

Content delivery responsive to user inputs that day by day build’s parents and carers confidence in the fundamentals of their child’s brains development, and enriches their interactions through fun connect, play and talk activities. Parents/carers who want to know more can access the science and knowledge behind early childhood development.

The program’s autopilot mode delivers daily content and fun activities to try with their child based on the rhythm and pace of their daily lives. Supportive and motivating, the TOV and content experience make the first years of parenting a rich bonding experience contributing to positive behaviour creation that each interaction provokes within the child’s cognitive development.

Shifting away from a self serve pattern, the system will leverage the power of profiling and engagement data to better serve our primary users and their needs. The app still allows users to explore further if they wish tapping into a knowledge base.