Leaving on a jet plane…

When traveling overseas, it’s accepted practice to let your bank know which cards you’ll be taking.

However, at Macquarie, we required customers to call, rather than being able to do so online.

Calling isn’t easy, especially at an airport! We had several reported incidents per month, where a customer would be left without money overseas, because their cards were blocked…
they had forgotten to call and inform Macquarie.

The challenge, a long, painful call…

These calls weren’t quick, either. A service representative needed to authenticate the customer, collect details, and create a case on their behalf. (Opportunity no2)

These took an average of six minutes for a customer on the phone, and just as importantly, increased our business risk (0.7 FTE per month).


We designed a feature to solve for this in a digital way.
In just a few taps, our customers could let us know where they’re going, how long for, and which cards they needed while overseas.

Self-service is great but why rely on customers to remember? Yes… with geolocation, we could also trigger a location-specific notification, so users could receive a timely reminder, while at any of Australia’s major airports.

(But only when they’re departing, and not when they’re arriving, with the help of some smarts.)

Don’t just say hello: it’s “konnichiwa”! customised headings for some desitinations.

Emoji flags as supplementary visual or textual cues.

Finally: the wallpaper of your app updates, depending on the country you’re visiting! 48 different wallpapers were carefuly chosen for light mode, and 48 for dark mode, all the while making sure accessibility was not compromised.

Bon voyage!